Monday, June 06, 2005

Sunil Dutt ...most memorable

Browsing through Sunil Dutt's filmography on IMDB (link) I was struck by the sheer number of forgettable films that he was part of: Daku aur Jawaan, Ram Kasam, Reshma aur Shera, Jai Jwala, Pyaasi Sham and Insaan Jaag Utha to name a few.

Sunil Dutt was not the most gifted of actors, nor was he incredibly good looking. However, it was his endearing personality and screen presence that worked with the general public. His sincerity shone through whatever he did and there are several films that will ensure him a special place in the history of Indian Cinema.

He also had an experimental streak in him: remember the one-man film "Yaadein"? I watched it on Doordarshan many years ago, and would love to get hold of a copy. My favourite Dutt movies:

Mother India (1957)
Yaadein (1964)
Mera Saaya (1966)
Milan (1967)
Padosan (1968)

Article by my favourite film historian Dinesh Raheja: link


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