Wednesday, June 08, 2005

jalataa hai badan

ho ... hAy! jalataa hai badan
pyaas bha.Dakii hai
pyaas bha.Dakii hai sare shaam se jalataa hai badan - 2
ishq se kah do ki le aae kahii.n se saavan
pyaas bha.Dakii hai sare shaam se jalataa hai badan
jalataa hai badan - 2
I have been searching for the lyrics of this song from Razia Sultan, since it happens to be my friend Rajani's pet peeve :-P

On a more serious note, the Internet has provided a unique space for communities to organize information collaboratively, to address social communication needs, or to provide a service; the net effect sometimes is a massive movement which takes the initial effort to a whole new level of relevancy. Some examples: Craigslist, IMDB and Wikipedia.

A decade ago some well meaning individuals managed to create such an event in an effort to create an on-line repository of Hindi movie song lyrics. Before you say woaaa!! let me add that it included lyrics in both roman and Devnagri scripts! Many of the song submissions were made by the general public, and the transliteration to devnagri script was achieved by the ITRANS software written by Anurag Shankar. Check out the database here:

However, it seems like the movement came to an abrupt end some time in the late 90's. I wish they could pick it up where it was left off, and continue the noble task.


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