Monday, June 06, 2005

Finding Aamir

It's high time for an Aamir Khan movie! It's been long since the last one, even by Aamir's own admission recently in an interview with Shekhar Gupta, due to "personal issues". According to SAWF, there have been some further delays in releasing "The Rising", a movie based on the life of one of the first Indian freedom fighters, Mangal Pandey...
...the Mangal Pandey Memorial Committee in Nagwa, Uttar Pradesh claims to have given the producer a legal notice expressing its opposition to the fact that the film was not shot in Nagwa, the birthplace of Pandey. “The film also features a kiss,” say committee members, “And we oppose this vehemently. We can’t allow a kiss in a film on the martyr’s life.”
This turns from mildly amusing to highly absurd:
...many Pandeys are claiming to be the direct descendants of the martyr and forming organisations to assert their prominence and get the benefits of being associated with the suddenly famous freedom fighter. The fact remains that Mangal Pandey was a bachelor and little or nothing is known about his descendants or family.
I can almost hear Mangal Pandey's moustache turning in his grave. There hasn't been much publicity for the movie, considering it's being touted as the most expensive Indian film ever. Although here's a sneak preview @Rediff.


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